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Free Woman Laws


1. Any free woman who couches with another's slave, or readies herself to couch with another's slave, becomes herself a slave, and the slave of the slave's master.

2. A Free Woman may voluntarily sell herself into slavery or submit herself to another Free Person.

3. A Free Woman of Scimitar cannot be forcibly collared by another Citizen of Scimitar unless she has been sentenced to slavery.

4. Free Women and the Tavern

- A free woman can enter the Tavern, provided a Free Man accompanies her.

- A Free man can invite a Free Woman to enter the Tavern

- A Free Woman who enters the Tavern on her own does so at her own risk, and should have a good reason.

- A Free Woman in the Tavern has no right to complain about the Tavern customer’s behavior. If you don't like it then leave.

- A Free Woman who is an Innkeeper may enter all areas of the Tavern to fulfill the requirements of her job.

- Free Women are encouraged to make use of the tea room, next door to the tavern.

5. Insolence

- A Free Woman does not automatically earn a collar should she do or say anything that breaches the above. If a Free Woman acts in a way that is unbecoming of her status then a complaint should be made to her Free Companion, Head of Family or Head of Caste. Insolence alone is not a reason to be collared.

It is NOT the right of a Free Man of the same Home Stone to undermine and disrespect the authority of another Free man of the same Home Stone. A Free Woman is not a slave.

"It is not difficult, of course, to take insolence from a woman." (Mercenaries of Gor, p.7)

6. Free Women may wear any jewelry she pleases including nose rings, and may decorate herself however she likes except for earrings or the wearing of chokers that might resemble a collar. She may also use perfume if she so wishes.

7. Free Women will commonly wear a veil but may choose not to.

8. Free Women typically dress modestly, wearing clothing which conceal their entire form, from neck to foot. On her feet, she will wear slippers, sandals, shoes or boots.

A Free Woman will not dress in a scandalous manner. ( baring an inordinate amount of skin, too much shoulder, plunging neckline, exposed cleavage and especially to the point of showing nipples or wearing see through clothes, baring the legs or feet )

Gorean clothing must also be worn. For instance, thigh high boots and a mini-skirt, while technically covering the lower body, do not apply as proper dress.

9. This rule does NOT apply to She-Urts. She-Urts, not having family or Caste can not typically afford the Robes of Concealment as Free Women of Caste are able. In fact, the She-Urt may wear only a torn rag.

10. She-Urts are Free Women, they are NOT slaves. They are free girls, runaways, vagabonds, girls of no family or position, who live about port cities, scavenging as they can, begging, stealing, sleeping at night in crates and under bridges and piers. Perhaps they have fled an unhappy Companionship or fled to avoid one in the first place. She-Urts are NOT, by definition, prostitutes. Not having family or Caste they survive by means of scrounging for discarded food and clothing.

11. Free women may address a free man by his name.

12. A free woman is justified to be aloof, unapproachable, vain, petty, selfish, supercilious, or arrogant. She may also choose to be proud, haughty, insolent, and outspoken. She may certainly be deceitful. She is, after all, a free woman.

13. Based on Gorean principle, women are weaker. Therefore, legal weapons for Free Women of Scimitar include bows, daggers, whips, and hairpins, fans, and scrolls, or other such weapons.

Examples of illegal weapons would be 'male weapons' such as, swords, heavy spears or any other large weapon.