The Oasis of Two Scimitars

A peaceful southern city

GM Meter Healing Overview

Please note to get bandages for hud please Contact Alagos Lotus Head Physician or Strada Moonflare Senior Physician. 


Step One:

What you will do here Is click on the Hud. The hud  looks like this look below.


 Step Two: 

You will get menu and will have to click inventory. You can see the menu Below. 


Step Three:  

In this step you will have your inventory come out from the hud. Click on a Bandage. 


Step Four:

In this step you will get a menu of actions you can do with the bandage. You will want to click use. 


Step Five:

Now the menu will Change giving you list of the items again select bandage.


Step Six:

Now your menu will have list of People in rage you can apply the bandage to Select your Target and begin your two 10 word emote. Photobucket

Step Seven:

this is not really a step you and the target cant move  or it'll stop you'll see the following form the meter.