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Mods, Admins, Sim Owners.

On Sim Mods:

1. Strada Moonflare2. Sinjin Silverblade (Lex Mighty)3. Alagos Resident4. Laffter Laval5. Topazjay Wisent6. Strom Debeve*On Sim Moderators handle all roleplay 1. Strada Moonflare2. Sinjin Silverblade (Lex Mighty)3. Alagos Resident4. Laffter Laval5. Topazjay Wisent

1. Strada Moonflare

2. Laffter Laval

3. Strom Debevec

4. Conor Mac Drustan (conorangel)

5. Pandora Riverstone (Pandoria0)

6. Phelorin V Riverstone-Drusan (Phelorin Vollmar)

7. Jesse Kamala

*On Sim Moderators handle all roleplay related issues they are not involved in*

[No Mid-Battle Modding]

Do not call for a mod until the battle is over.

In a raid, this is defined as prisoners taken and the fighting concluded. When the mod has ruled, prisoners can TP out if the mod call requires it.

In a skirmish (two or fewer attackers) this is defined as a logical conclusion to the skirmish, at the point that the non-combat RP is ready to resume.

Everyone from both sides makes RP and other errors in battle. But more battles are ruined and subsequently invalidated by mod calls than for any other reason. Both sides need to accept bindings and give up keys. NC the infraction, and present it to a mod when the battle is done.

Off Sim Mods

1. Parvin (Xcept Atlas)

2. Chance Byron

3. Abir Helendale

4. Kreg Skytower

*Off Sim Moderators are available for second opinions or if you feel like you need an unbiased moderator to deal with an issue.*


1. Kinsey Livingston

2. Isa Lefevre

3. Perry Riverstone

4. Strada Moonflare

5. Neil Claridge

6. Teale McMahon

7. Laffter Laval

8. Pandora Riverstone (Pandoria0)

*Please note that admins are there strictly to help deal with sim issues in the event the owners cannot be reached. They are able to deal with griefing, harassment, or other violations of TOS.*

Sim Owners

Jimmie Hammill

Teale McMahon

*Please note that sim owners should only be contacted in the event of griefing, harassment, or other such violations of TOS.