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NLS Recipes


To create a fire (Fuer) to cook with You can do that by having the fuel for the fire heres the recipes for that you need to of any of the followings.

2 Trockener Boskdung (Dried Bosk Dung)

Items needed:

1 Bosk dung pile

2 Holzscheite (chopped wood)


(For the Spritus lamp you need one bottle of Spritus or Oel (no recipe for oel)

5 Suls

1 wasserchale (water)

Milled Items

The following items are made in the mill.

Zukerfass (Sugar)

2 Zuckerrohr (sugar cane)

Mehl (Flour)

5 Sa-Tarn Korn (Wheat)

Salzfass (Salt Jar)

2 Salzkorn (salt rock)

Churn Items


5 milchschales (Milk)

Cheese Wheel (Kaeselaib)

15 milchschales (Milk)

Note: You must rez the item on a surface and touch to receive Kaesestueck (Piece of cheese).

Moerser (mortor and pestal)

For grinding things to a fine podwer

Blackwinepulver (Ground Black Wine Beans)

2 Blackwinebohne (black wine bean bags)

Cacaopowder (Chocolate Powder)

2 Cacaobean (coco bean bags)

Baked Goods

These items require multiple ingerdents and the oven to make

Larma Pie

1 Zuckerfass (sugar jar)

3 Larma

1 butter

5 Milchschale (Milk)

2 Mehl (flour)

2 Vulo Ei (eggs)

Cherry Pie

1 Zuckerfass (sugar jar)

3 Torian Cherry

1 butter

5 Milchschale (Milk)

2 Mehl (flour)

2 Vulo Ei (eggs)

Ramberry Pie

1 Zuckerfass (sugar jar)

3 Ramberry (Rambeere)

1 butter

5 Milchschale (Milk)

2 Mehl (flour)

2 Vulo Ei (eggs)

Sa-tarna Brot (bread)

2 Mehl (flour)

2 Wasserschale (water)

1 Salzfass (Salt Jar)

Schokoladenkeks (Chocolate Chip Cookies)

1 Zuckerfass (sugar jar)

1 Butter

5 Milchschale (Milk)

2 Mehl (Flour)

2 Vulo Ei (eggs)

2 Cacaopowder (coco powder)

Alcholic Drinks

Thru the use of the Still and the grape crusher (Stampfeimer) can you make these drinks.


5 Sa-tarna korn

2 wasselschale (water)

Rence Beer

5 rence

2 wasserschale (water)

Sul Paga

2 sul

1 wasserchale (water)

Ka-La-Na Kelch (Ka-La-Na Wine)

5 x Kalana Trauben (grapes)

Met (Mead)

you Make this in a kessel (kettle)

5 Honig (honey)

3 Wasserschale (water)

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

These are made in the Kessle (Kettle) or Stampfeimer (Stomper)

Bazietee Kanne (Bazi Tea)

2 Baziteeblaetter (Bazi Tea Leaves)

3 Wasserschale (water)

Blackwine Kanne (Black wine)

3 Blackwinepulver (crushed black wine beans)

3 Wasserschale (water)

Chocolatemilch (Chocolate Milk)

2 Milchschale (Milk)

1 Cacaopowder (coco powder)

Cherrysaft (cherry juice)

6 Torian cherry, makes 3 servings

Tospitsaft (peach juice)

6 x Tospit, makes 3 servings

Larmasaft (larma juice)

6 x Larma, makes 3 servings


Made in the Kessel (Kettle)

Rambeer Candy (Ramberry Candy)

2 Honig (honey)

1 Zuckerfass (sugar)

5 Rambeere (Ram berries)

Cherry Candy

2 honig (honey)

1 Zuckerfass (Sugar jar)

5 Torian Cherry

Schokoladenvulo (Chocolate Egg)

Note: this is only a holiday item.

2 zuckerfass (Sugar)

1 butter

6 milchschale (Milk)

6 cacaopowder

Cooked Meats

You cook this with the Grill or the Pfanne (frying pan)

Boskbraten (Bosk Roast)

1 Boskkadaver (Killed Bosk)

Must Rez Boaskbraten on surface, then touch to receive Boskfleisch (Steak)


1 Fisch

Tabukbraten (Deer Roast)

1 x NLS tabukdaver (Killed tabuk)

Must Rez Tabukbraten on surface, then touch to receive Tabukfleisch (Steak)

Tarskbraten (Tarsk Roast)

1 Tarskkadaver (Killed Tarsk)

Must Rez Tarskbraten on surface, then touch to receive Tarskfleisch (Steak)

Verrschenkel (Leg of Verr)

1 Verr Rho (Killed Ver)

Soups and stews

This is cooked in the Kessle or Kettle

Kuerbis soup (Pumpkin soup)

1 Kuerbis (pumpkin)

2 Wasserschale (Water)

1 Salzfass (Salt Jar)

Sul soup

3 Sul

2 Wasserschale (Water)

1 Salzfass (Salt Jar)

Carrot stew

3 Karotten (carrots)

3 Sul

2 Wasserschale (Water)

1 Salzfass (Salt Jar)

Slavebrei (Slave Mush)

3 Sa-tarna Korn

2 Milchschale (Milk)

Schwarze Olive (Black Olive)

Uses the Schneidebrett (cutting board)

1 x Olivenzweig (olive).

Vulo Spiegelei (Fired Egg)

Uses the Pfanne (frying pan)

1 Vulo Ei (Vulo Egg)