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Two Scimitars Physician Caste & Tor Scimitar Hospital

The Green Caste of the Oasis of Two Scimitars is lead by Chief Physician Strada Tyran (formerly Strada Moonflare). Strada began his apprenticeship in the Village of Hammersgaard, is a PCoG trained physician, holds a seat on the PCoG High Council and Scimitar High Council, has worked with numerous mentors over the years and is the administrator of his own health and wellness village. Under Strada's leadership are two full physicians and five trained healing slaves that are a part of Strada's private chain.

The hospital deal with varied physical and mental illnesses; such as NLS illness, emergency medicine, battle wounds, physical exams for free and property, crime scene forensics and a plethora of other situations. Tor Scimitar hospital serves not only the thriving city of Scimitar, but lends aid to frineds, contracted allies and any in need of medical attention. The hospital follows standard Green Caste and PCoG guidelines, as well as a set of guidelines that meets the needs of an active hospital and bustling city. The physicians of Scimitars Green Caste are progressive researchers and have been known to create new Gorean specific treatments for a variety of ailments. Tor Scimitar Hospital boasts several proprietary herbal mixtures and treatments to meet the needs of those they serve.