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Raid Combat Rules

►►►❖ SAFEZONES ❖◄◄◄

There are no safe zones on Scimitar or on the Oasis sim (Scimitar Plains). The landing point is considered a safe zone for 10 minutes after landing for rezzing only. If you engage in role play or combat prior to that 10 minutes you will no longer be safe. The landing point is not an OOC Zone, it is a RP Zone.

There are no safe zones on adjoining sims of the cluster. If you run into the safe zones of Nyundo, Hulneth Bay or Melioria, Scimitar can chase your there and down you.

((Occasionally, the sims will be declared a Safe Zone for a publicized event such as a dance contest or tournament. On those days, appropriate signage will be displayed at the landing point, and no raids will be accepted for the duration of the event.))


We all know that pew pew sims use Skype, Ventrilo or other voice communication or group chat to communicate when raiding each other. We encourage pew pew sims to raid us, and we enjoy the interaction. However, when you raid Scimitar, you must turn off the Skype, Ventrilo or other voice communication or group voice chat and raid like real Goreans who did not have two way radios available as it would be a violation of the PK laws against advanced technology.


Raid Ratio = 1:1

~ Use the total of the two defender counters at the landing point to determine how many raiders you may send in. One counter measures defenders on Scimitar sim, the other on Scimitar Plains sim.

~ AFK/OOC: Because the defender counter does not distinguish between AFK/OOC and Combat mode defenders, raiders may have an advantage during the raid; however an AFK/OOC defender may rejoin the raid when they come back to keyboard, which levels the playing field again.

~ Non-fighters/aiders: Non-fighters (non-fighting residents who are not on the defender counter) may aid, bind, unbind, bandage, run for help or hide. Being a non-fighter does not exempt them from capture, so they are fair game.

~ Visitors: We make every effort to keep the defender counter up to date to include regular visitors to the city and allies. However, visitors not on the defender counter will be permitted to defend the city if they choose to; and that is the luck of the draw.

(Non-allied visitors stow their bows at the gate and will be limited to melee weapons. Depending on group affiliation, some visitors may be able to Re-arm with three shouted emotes at the rearming station.)

~ RAID START: The raid starts once a raider has left the caravan outpost. No more fighters may TP in on either side once the raid has started.

~ Reinforcements/Runners: Limited to members of the UCG cluster only. Valid RP required including sending the runner; RP'ing the request for reinforcements, and arrival by land or sea from an adjacent sim.

Reinforcement/Runner RP must be available on request. Residents on the Oasis sim (Scimitar Plains) may join the raid when they hear the alarm bar sounding.

~ WAKING UP DURING A RAID: Residents of Scimitar who have logged off from Scimitar may join a raid if they log on during one. (This would be the equivalent of "waking up" and discovering your home was under attack.) In order to allow this with as little drama as possible, two things must happen.

1) The "waking up" player must NC the opening chatter that appears in local chat, such as collars engaging, friends on line, huds firing up; and 2) Deliver THREE SHOUTED emotes about waking up, discovering the raid, and readying for battle.

Scimitar residents may NOT teleport home from shopping or another sim to join the battle.


You may carry three weapons.

You may NOT "use" so called "hidden" weapons in combat. If you are disarmed, you will be considered disarmed if your captor has done three disarming emotes. The weapons must be named in each disarming emote.

Weapons must function with the GM and be visible to be considered valid. (Women's skirts will be torn off to reveal hidden daggers.) Non functioning weapons that appear as part of clothing will not be considered valid weapons.

You may carry:

1 Bow

1 Blowgun (or other non-bow ranged weapon) OR 1 Dagger (or other small melee weapon)

1 Melee Weapon (Sword, Glaive, Spear, etc)

(Weapons depend on whether your role allows it. Slaves may not carry swords, etc. The list above is maximum number of weapons allowed.)


Do not call for a mod until the battle is over.

In a raid, this is defined as prisoners taken and the fighting concluded. When the mod has ruled, prisoners can TP out if the mod call requires it.

In a skirmish (two or fewer attackers) this is defined as a logical conclusion to the skirmish, at the point that the non-combat RP is ready to resume.

Everyone from both sides makes RP and other errors in battle. But more battles are ruined and subsequently invalidated by mod calls than for any other reason. Both sides need to accept bindings and give up keys. NC the infraction, and present it to a mod when the battle is done.


Both sides should accept bindings when offered, since to refuse them wrecks the continuity of the raid. If you have a serious problem with the circumstances of the binding; note card it and present it to a Mod after the battle.

If your meter timer runs out during binding, taking you out of the bubble, you must self bind to the extent that the emotes delivered so far have indicated. either a full bind or bind hands. No jumping up and pulling a weapon and trashing the binder who is typing.

If you crash while bound you must self-bind when you return.

Captive being bound must be named in at least one of the binding emotes.


You must name the person you are doing an action toward in at least one of your emotes or you emotes will be considered invalid.

We have no specific word count requirement, but an acceptable emote will be about 7-15 words. We are a roleplay sim, so we don't require that the words add up to 10, but that the emote be clear and complete.

You may not use gestures to emote.




- ANY ATTACK (Non-Raid): One full emote either shouted or spoken BEFORE firing. You MUST allow for the target to DRAW and emote a response before you fire. (This normally applies to skirmishes rather than raids. Once a raid has begun, no RP is required before shooting.)

- DISARMING: One emote per weapon. The weapon must be named in the emote. (Limit three weapons. See above.)

- BINDING: Three emotes. You must name the person you are binding in at least one of your emotes.

- No rolling or moving from place to place while in binds.

- HOGTIE: Three emotes. You cannot self-unbind or move. You must name the person you are hogtying in at least one of your emotes.

- SELF-UNBINDING: Three emotes ten minutes after the time you were bound. If in a cell, the RP must be note carded and available if asked for.

- AIDING: Three emotes. You must name the person you are aiding in your emotes.

- UNBINDING: Three emotes. The name of the person you are unbinding must be in your emotes.

- BANDAGING: Three emotes. Target must be named in at least one of your emotes.

- LOCKPICKING: Three shouted emotes.

(You MUST provide RP of the lockpicking if you do it when the sim is empty. Deposit the RP in the RP mailbox displaying the Scimitar Logo at the Admin building.)

(Phantom prim residence doors must be emoted as if they are kool doors and you must wait two minutes to enter.)

- REPAIRING LOCK: One shouted emote.

- STEALING KEYS: Three emotes. Must use Kool Door system to do it and be next to a door when done.

- GRAPPLING: Three shouted emotes.

(You MUST provide RP of the grappling if you do it when the sim is empty. Deposit the RP in the RP mailbox displaying the Scimitar Logo at the Admin building.)

- CUTTING GRAPPLE: One shouted emote.

- RE-ARMING: Three shouted emotes, at the re-arming station on the wall.

- CARAVANING (SAILING): One emote. If you are caravaning a captive out, you must name the captive in your emote. Remember there are no ships as we are in the middle of the Tahari.

- WAKING UP (Scimitar residents who log in during a raid only): Three shouted emotes about waking up, discovering the raid, and readying for battle.


❖ NO raids from BtB groups if your group bars GE from raiding/rescue.

Three Day Rule (72 Hours): Following a raid or attack, and follow-up role play, rescues, etc., no NEW attacks by your group for 72 hours from the first raid.

Panthers and talunas did not raid cities, nor did they raid in the desert.. Therefore, we cannot accept raids by panther or taluna groups. Panthers and talunas are welcome to join in raids by other groups as female fighters.

The Tahari is too far south for a kurii attack; therefore no attacks by kurii or kurri groups.

Mambas inhabited the Schendi region and did not travel much; therefore no raids by mamba groups.

ANY ATTACK (Non-Raid): One full emote either shouted or spoken BEFORE firing. You MUST allow for the target to DRAW and emote a response before you fire. (This normally applies to skirmishes rather than raids. Once a raid has begun, no RP is required before shooting.)

**Whenever possible your attack emote should include a motive. This is to make the RP more authentic. Are you raiding to steal slaves? Or salt? Or gold? Or are you declaring war? These are all plausible reasons for the raid, and there are many others.

Mounts: No mounts of any kind are allowed during a raid. During role play mounts are allowed. **Mounts include tarns, bosks, tharlarions, Kaiilas etc..**

The doors are either open or scripted with Kool Door Scripts. Please use the features provided by the script and wait for the timers. No use of prim passes for doors unless system is malfunctioning.

Residences in Caste Housing with phantom prim doors must be roleplay picked as if they are kool doors. You have to rp the picking and wait two minutes. In the slums, there are no doors, but rags, so you don't have to lock pick.

Please make sure grapples, flags, and ladders are touch-die.


~ Single group raids: You may take captives to your home lands for trade or rescue or further trading.

~ Raids with more than one group: Captives may only be taken to the lead group's lands.

- RESCUE TIME: One (1) hour. No offline rescues unless agreed upon. Additionally, you must provide IC back-up indicating how you knew your citizen was captured, if applicable, on request.

For rescues in Scimitar by a single group, you may take captives. For rescues in raids by more than one group you may not take captives in the RESCUE. (You can take them in the original raid.)

- ARENA MODE: If you are downed while in arena mode, you must stay down and bind yourself.

- DRAGGING: Free men and male slaves may drag two people at once. Free women and female slaves may drag one person, two if feet bindings are loosened and captives are walking. You may not run or engage in combat if you are dragging a captive.

- BIRDS/RUNNERS: Nothing out of the UCG cluster. No birds. Runners must travel from sim to sim by land or water not by teleporting. Any reinforcements coming into the sim must be from the UCG cluster and must travel over land/water to Scimitar. (See Reinforcements above)

- RESETTING/DETACHING METER: Not without a moderator’s permission. If you do this, you are autocaptured.

- JUMPING/CLIMBING/SPEED ENHANCERS: No jumping in combat. No climbing up prims. No speed enhancers. No position altering AOs.

- HUDs: No cheat or auto-aiming HUDs. Subject to permanent ban if caught using these.

- No minimap usage during raids. Goreans did not have radar.

- FLAGGING: One shouted emote. Do not flag the caravan outpost. One flag per group per day and your flag may not be more than ten prims. Flag must have a touch-die script in it.

- FIRES: Yes, you may use prim fires but no more than one per location, and a maximum of three for any raid. Do not spam our sim with fires.

- LATE ARRIVALS: Once the raid has started, no one else may TP onto the sim. Scimitar may call for reinforcements. See: Birds/Runners and Reinforcements above.

- RETURN TIME: Once you have left the Scimitar sims or adjacent UCG cluster sims, you may not return for one hour.

- KILL: Five emotes after one hour of continuous logical roleplay. Combat time is not included in time until kill click. Death is 72 RL hours. Suicide is one RL week. Death roleplay must be note carded and available to a moderator if asked for.

((You MUST use kill very sparingly and only in the most extreme of conditions. You MUST have a clear and compelling motive, and you MUST respect another player's RP limits regarding death. Killing for an unclear or unmotivated reason or for sport will put your own character's life in jeopardy AND risk banning from the sim.))

- TRAPS: Traps may be used with the following conditions: They must have a touch die option. You may not have more than two traps rezzed. Traps must do GM trap damage. Traps may not be used to kill a player (ie: No ost traps used to kill players.)


- Ballistas - Yes, limit 1. Raiders may rezz 1 ballista and set it outside the walls, but you must rp dragging it from the caravan outpost in three shouted emotes.

- Bolas - No

- Siege Towers - No

- Combo styles - No

- Dual Wielding - No

- Fists - Yes

- Hybrids - No

- Arrows - No fire, No rope.

- Non-Gorean weapons - No, such as Frost or Flaming etc

- Non-Weapon weapons - No, such as teddy bears, farts, etc

- Shields/Bracers - Yes

- Dual wield weapons where the secondary weapon acts as a shield is allowed.

- No concealed weapons. If you do not have the sheath on, then you do not have the weapon.

- No quick swapping melee weapons to avoid “reload” time. Of course, you may carry only one melee weapon here anyway.

- Slaves are allowed to fight here and do a max of 20% damage.

- Females are allowed to fight here and do a max of 25% damage.

- Men are allowed to fight here and do a max of 45% damage.

- Beasts: Refer to the section titled "Gorean Beasts" further down. Please note we do not allow kurii.


All RP on the sim is consensual. You have the right to refuse any RP which is outside of your comfort zone. This is an adult sim with adult themes and many have lower limits than others that must be respected. In your profile, you can also add RP limits which should also be respected. It is up to you to protect your comfort level. You may also fade to black, agreeing to the outcome while foregoing the RP.

Standard capture limits of three days are effective for captures made on Scimitar unless agreed upon.

Permanent capture until released/traded/rescued/escape is permitted if agreed upon.

You MUST provide RP of escape or rescue if you do it when the sim is empty or your captor is not in world. Deposit the RP mailbox displaying the Scimitar Logo at the Admin building.


Each beasts on-sim count as 1 for a ratio. Beasts can only be brought on a raid per any guardian beast available for combat. Beast for beast. Only beasts used in combat may equip the beast meter.

Beasts from either side fall under the one hour RP minimum for kills. Beasts cannot bind or lock pick.

Any unidentified beast can be downed or shot on sight. If you have a pet, register them under the Chief Scribe (Pandora Riverstone) to prevent attacks on your property.

Sleens and Tharlarions only. (See Beast Rules)

Approved Weapons List

Approved Weapon Vendors

*Alika Sao/Danna Ewing (Alika Sao Weaponry)

*Braydon Randt (SWS)

*CentipedeWeapons Resident (Centipede)

*Dromar Demonista & Xxandera Voom (DD Weapons)

*Doremi Ultsch (Melody Weapons)

*Eternal Stillwater (Eternal Armoury)

*Fire Fray, Raul Darkthief (Nihil Creations)

*Grave Revnik (Knights Innovations Armory)

*Heather Rau (Black Orchid)

*Homie Kungfu (G-Spot)

*Jaraziah Lowell (Jara Creations)

*Jeremia Kalinakov & Lavaandarr Lewinter (LJ Creation)

*Norton Burns (Angels and Deamons)

*Markz McMahon

*Malice Vieria

*Navar Harbinger and Stormie Frua (Navar & Stormie Designs)

*Osith Emmons, Deccan Arida, Romper Barbosa, JJames Alter (Ancient Lore)

*Pac Weapons (AC&Primu )

*Patrik Ling (TL Designs)

*P373R Kappler, Noreia Owen (P3 weapons)

*Kye Fhang ( F D Weapons )

*Larion Rhodes weapons (Elle Erre (LR) weapons)

*Sindra Aquila (AGNI Weapons)

*sweety Wardark (Sweety Weapons Style)

*Tala Nagy (Tala's Weapons & Specialities)

*Thord Karu (Primus Weapons)

*Vladimir Bombacci (Apotheosis Weapons)

*Vault Story (VS Designs)

*vo0d0o Fhang Tungsten Inventor (Vo-Fhang)

*wicked Swashbuckler (WBCC Weapons)

*wicked Swashbuckler (WBCC Weapons)

Banned Weapons

*FataPussy Farrjones ( FATA Weapons ) All *AC Weapons *TCJ weapons

*FataPussy Farrjones ( FATA Weapons ) All

*AC Weapons *TCJ weapons

*H&J Swords

*Jenny Cioc & Greyhound Burt ( DM Weapons )

*Anhandreu Riederer ( True Swinesty/AC creations )

*Alvar Nurmi ( Weapons by AN )

*All Paule & Soozie Nirpaw ( A&S WEAPONS )

*Triton Paine ( IPWN )

*Slip Barrett ( Weapons of the Warlord )

Approved Blowguns

*Alika Sao (Alika Sao Weaponry)

*Braydon Randt (SWS)


*Larion Rhodes (LR)


Approved Melee

*Ice Bradley (Wrecked)

*Irvin Schnyder

*Gek0 Auer (GKzero Weapons & Design)

*Gwillym Wycliffe (2tone Traders)

*Lucius Obviate (Sigil Foundry)

*jewell dagger (Primal)

*Petite Pixie (Bosk's Emporium)

Approved Bows

*AKWeapons Resident (AKWeapons)

*Cris Campese & Ju Darkfire (JC Shark)

*Cruz Shipley & Harvest Dezno (Epic Arenal)

*CryArmory Fang ( =Cry Weaponry= )

*Didro Ultsch ( Arena Weapons )

*Larah Oh ( Larah's bows )

*Larmen Capra ( FLP Weapons )

*Willy Marjeta (WiMa Weapons)

*Kaoru Slade & Silvia Hawks (Panther Gears)

Approved with Exceptions

*Jake Molinaro( Ancient Builds ) [Bows and Melee paired/twinned/left and right hand melee must be sardar/gimli version]

*Romper Barbosa & JJames Alter ( EZ Weapons ) [Melee must be 2.6 or higher]

*Arcturus Itano ( Infinity Weapons ) Bows Only [Versions 3.3 or higher]

Eve Mikazuki [Swords must be 2.2 or higher]

*Marcomr2 Zenovka - ( Outcast Weaponary) [Swords Only]

*Leanne Woodward [Bows Navar 1.61 scripted and later]

*Rhubardin Fluffball ( Ordo Kivsungai ) [Saddlebow of the skies not allowed]

Romper Barbosa & JJames Alter ( EZ Weapons ) [Melee must be 2.6 or higher]

Sephiroth Juran ( Medusa Weapons ) [Swords only]

Susan Whizenhunt [Forest Maiden & Whiplash bows must be 2.29 or higher]

Banned Weapons Continued

*Any Custom weapons not readily available to public

*No unarmed Combat huds

*No Ballistas