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General Sim Rules

1. By entering these sims (Isle of Scimitar and Scimitar Plains. hereafter known as "Scimitar" or "this sim") and engaging in combat and/or roleplay you agree to the rules written below. Failure to follow these rules in any way can and mostly will result in

 the removal of your privilege to play here.

2. Scimitar is a part of the Second Life (SL) community, and therefore subject to the TOS of SL and Linden Labs.

3. Moderators and Admins may record local chat and IMs to be used at their discretion only when pertaining to moderating or administrative issues without the risk of breaking TOS.

4. Scimitar is an Adult sim. By entering you are agreeing that you are at least 18 years of age and of legal age to do so in your state, country, province, etc. Age verification is a requirement to take part of the roleplay in this sim as content may be mature/adult.

5. This is a combat gorean role play sim and we use the GM Meter. All players on sim are required to wear a GM Meter (Normal or Beast) and to remain in character at all times, except when AFK. The GM is available at the arrival point. THIS IS A CAPTURE/FORCE COLLAR/KILL SIM.

6. Only HUMAN, ADULT avatars and Gorean animal avatars are permitted on this sim. No child avatars. No non-Gorean animal avatars, furries or neckos, or other non- Gorean creature avatars. All human avatars must be Gorean in appearance and dress, with the exception of observers, who must wear an Observer tag.

7. Regarding femboys, we understand your need to be yourselves, and to play the game that you would like to play. We also understand that you are not engaging in age play if you you are playing a character of 18 years of age or over. Now understand this: If your character looks childlike, and APPEARS to be under the age of 18 in the eyes of the owners, you MUST either age it up to the satisfaction of the owners, or leave.

8. GRIEFERS: Any excessively disruptive and / or harassing behavior will not be tolerated. You will be expelled immediately and will be subject to banning.

8a. HATERS: Scimitar will not accept OOC insults based on race, gender or sexual orientation or any other qualification. Haters will be ejected and banned at the discretion of the Mods, Admins, EM's and owners.

9. It is preferable that you attempt to settle a dispute in RP, or, failing that, in IM. If that does not work, call a Moderator or Admin to mediate the dispute.

10. GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP: OOC abuse, drama, name calling, coercion, or other forms of OOC aggression will not be tolerated on Scimitar either in local chat or IM. Any such behavior will be cause for ejection and banning. You must treat the other players with respect, whether you agree with them or not.

11. GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP 2: Roleplay does not always go the way we would like it on Gor. Please keep whining, complaining, and nitpicking to a minimum.

12. OBSERVER TAG: All visitors to the sim who do not want to role play must wear an Observer tag. If you interfere with or enter into a role play, the effect of the Observer tag becomes null and void. With the Observer Tag you'll be expected to speak in OOC terms by IM only.

13. The outpost landing point is a safezone for 10 minutes after landing. If you engage in roleplay or combat prior to that 10 minutes you will no longer be safe. Residences are safe zones if the occupant declares it to be so by going OOC inside of it. Residences with phantom prim doors must be lock picked in RP as if they were kool doors.

14. Temporary Safe Zones: During festivals, OOC events, etc, the High Council or sim owners have the authority to declare additional safe zones on the Isle, up to and including the entire sim. These zones will be safe only during the event, and the regular rules will apply when the event is over.

15. Any issue not covered by the rules will be resolved at the discretion of a Moderator/Admin.

16. CONSENSUAL RP: All RP on the sim is consensual. You have the right to refuse any RP which is outside of your comfort zone. This is an adult sim with adult themes and many have lower limits than others that must be respected. In your profile, you can also add RP limits which should also be respected. However, if a RP is offensive to you, you must leave the RP, and allow the others to continue.

17. RP INFORMATION: Characters in role play are played at face value. You must not use profile information, radars, other scripted finders, listening devices or tag information to advance your role play or gain unfair advantage. No information gained OOC can be used during role-play; we recognize it is very hard to stop this, but play fairly.

18. OOC: Out of Character comments must be made in IM, by using brackets (( )) or usings a /22 OOC text tool. Please keep OOC comments in local chat to a minimum. OOC shouting is not allowed.

19. Sim roleplay rules apply for the duration of an RP begun on Scimitar, even if the RP is concluded elsewhere.

20. PLEASE keep non Gorean gestures to an absolute minimum. They distract from the roleplay. The exception to this is the "call of the Scimitar slave" or "Oi Oi" gesture, Applause gestures, and other gestures on a limited basis.

21. While we do not object to people having alts, using them to cause grief and upset or cheat in RP will result in IC and possibly OOC action. Furthermore, please do not use IC information gained in Scimitar to assist any other cities or outlaw groups to which your alts may belong.


* Femlaws and female Mercs are permitted to play in Scimitar, but panthers and talunas may not raid as a group.


In order to become a Free resident of Scimitar, you must complete an application. Slaves, both city and private, do not need to complete an application, but must RP the submission/registration with the Slavers and complete a Slave registration form.


Slaves bought and sold on Scimitar must be paid for in RP goods (GMv4.1 or whatever the prevailing standard) or with NLS goods. Slaves may not be sold for Linden dollars on Scimitar. The exception to this is in an OOC "Slave Auction" event to raise money for the sim, the cluster, or charity, in which the "servitude" duration is consensual and limited.